If you want to immigrate to the United States, having extraordinary ability in some field of study or industry can be helpful. In fact, you can even end up getting a visa for your expertise if USCIS thinks that the country could use your skills. There are multiple types of visas available to those with extraordinary ability or talent, and if you are confused about what kind of application you need to fill out an experienced employment immigration lawyer in NYC is ready to assist you.

What Are the Types of Visas for Those With Extraordinary Ability?

Immigrants with extraordinary ability can apply for an O-1A visa or an O-1B visa. Those with an O-1 visa have a talent in:

  • The sciences
  • Education
  • Athletics
  • Business

Those who apply for an O-1B visa have an extraordinary talent in fields like:

  • The arts
  • The motion picture industry
  • The television industry

Then there is the O-2 visa, which is set aside for those who would accompany the holder of either type of O-1 visa as an assistant or essential part of their work.

What is the Application Process for O-1 Visas?

To be eligible for either type of O-1 visa you must be recognized as an extraordinary talent in your field. Then you must submit:

  • A petition from an American employer or agent
  • A written opinion and recommendation from a peer group or individual in your field
  • The contract between you and your prospective employer

With all of this submitted, the proper agencies can make their decision.

Can Someone With Extraordinary Ability Bring Over Family?

Individuals who qualify for an O-1 visa can also bring certain family members to the United States with them. Most of the time, a spouse and children of an immigrant with extraordinary ability or talent can also apply for a visa, an O-3 visa to be more specific.

How Long Can You Stay on an O-1 Visa?

The O-1 visa allows you to stay up to three years, but your time can be shorter depending on what type of activity or project you came to the United States to participate in.

ZDo I Need an Immigration Attorney?

Applying for any visa can be complicated. You have to meet strict requirements to receive an O-1 visa, and you need to have proof that you have met all of the criteria. A lawyer can help you gather the evidence you need and fill out the necessary paperwork. You do not want an oversight or mistake jeopardizing your chances of getting approved.

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