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Reviews From Our Clients

"Cheryl and John took my wife's case to process her first green card and was successful! They were very accurate and timely in filing paperwork and setting wait time expectations, which were pretty on point. My wife now has her green card thanks to Cheryl, John and the team at the law office!"- Alvin P

"The best lawyers!"- Baruch P

"good, kind service ...."- Liyanaralalage S

"Cheryl quoted a reasonable fee for the planned work and went above and beyond in her efforts to resolve our mess. I know Lindsay put an extraordinary effort into preparing the motion to reopen my husband's old asylum case, leaving no doubt in my mind that we would be successful. All phone calls were taken or returned, all emails were answered. I never felt out of the loop. Their efforts led to the end of my husband's detention and the return to his family and work - much sooner than I expected. Green card next!"- Richard

"Our lives were touched by one of the most intelligent, powerful, and astounding attorney, Ms. Cheryl David. Cheryl and her staff are all very dependable and affluent in speaking on all issues regarding your immigration case. Cheryl speaks from her heart on your case. Cheryl is very aggressive, respectable and takes on a great challenge of winning a losing case. Without any hesitation and just when you feel that life is against you, please speak with Cheryl for all your immigration answers."- Carol

"Ms. David was recommended by two different attorneys and she lived up to and even exceeded my expectations. Ms. David and her office are extremely knowledgeable, respectful and helpful. Even in a case as difficult as mine, they assured me the entire way that they will be able to take care of everything. They kept me updated throughout the entire process, resolving my issues in the end. I HIGHLY recommend her services."- Mauricio

"Cheryl David is the most talented lawyers in this country. I live in San Diego now but no matter where I am, I owe her my freedom in this country. Cheryl, god bless you and your office. I can write a book on how wonderful Cheryl David and her staff are. They were so good to me. Thank you so much for saving me from deportation to getting my green card. I strongly recommend this lawyer to anyone who has an immigration problem."- Nad S.

"Cheryl R. David Helped me and my family fight my case for 10 long years. When I was ready to give up, she stuck with me. She's a WINNER that can make the impossible, POSSIBLE. Ms. David is an incredible attorney with a strong team.  Can't go wrong with her..."- Daniel

"She the best. Thank you and God bless you, Cheryl R. David."- Betty, G

"Cheryl David is the best immigration lawyer in NYC.  She is knowledgeable, experienced and honest. She will tell you the truth and work hard for you.  I am a US citizen now. She helped me get there and I am grateful. You will be in good hands with Cheryl David."- Albana B.

"She is very good. Very hard worker. She saved my life. Thank you, Cheryl."- Ravinder S.

"My case was not an easy one. Attorney David's firm helped my family's American Dream become a reality. My parents' political asylum had been denied and they received several notices to leave the US through the years. This decision, we felt, was irrational since my parents had more than enough evidence that they had been victims of extortion in our native country. We reached out to Cheryl David when my mother was detained (arrested) by immigration officers immediately after a scheduled appointment she had with the USCIS. My mother was then taken to different facilities throughout the northeast in a matter of 3-4 days with no explanation while, at the same time, Cheryl was building a strong appeal to have my mother released. My mother was released on day 7 after being detained and shortly after was given the chance to appear in another scheduled appointment to receive her green card. We still don't know how she made this possible; it's truly remarkable.

Cheryl David and her team do not take NO for an answer. Our appeals, especially in my father's case, were rejected many times with no logical explanation and this seemed to have bothered Cheryl. We appreciate every effort she made to have our cases reopened. This made her seem as if she were part of our family and she exhibited true concern for all of us (This is the key to her success in my opinion). She was always available to answer questions--even at times when we were frustrated or lost our temper.

My father's interview with an immigration agent took place three months before my wedding abroad. The goal was for him to receive his green card so he could travel to my wedding. Instead, they told him they needed to review his case further but that he would receive a decision within 60 days. When we reached the 60 days, we were afraid he wouldn't make it to the wedding or receive his green card. This is where Cheryl and her team come into play. For the next few days, they made calls, wrote letters, and investigated why this was happening. Long story short, I said goodbye to my father at JFK airport on Wednesday before the wedding because we didn't have an answer. On Thursday, Cheryl's team reached out to me while I was abroad to tell me they pulled off one of her miracles and my father would come to the wedding. That is the best gift I received.

In summary, ample knowledge, charisma, and persistence begin to describe Cheryl and her leadership skills.

Cheryl is extremely knowledgeable about immigration law. While my case was complex and downright toxic, Cheryl not only welcomed the challenge to take my case, but she also walked us through the maze of sorting out the intricate web created by countless lawyers with multiple approaches, to figure out a path forward. Because of her, the process was smooth (as smooth as immigration process can go) and the outcome was way more than we could have imagined. She is the BEST bottom line and I wholeheartedly recommend her."-