Deportation and Removal Defense Attorney in NYC

New York City Deportation and Removal Defense Attorney

Deportation and removal defense attorney Cheryl R. David can help you or your loved one with waivers and criminal issues. The threat of removal can come up suddenly in families when a loved one is out of status or arrested on a criminal charge. Sometimes it’s even hard to find out what happened or how to locate someone in immigration detention. That is why it is important to seek experienced legal counsel. At the Law Office of Cheryl R. David, our New York City lawyers are prepared to tackle complex removal cases in the detained setting. Contact our firm for a consultation today.

Helping Find Solutions to a Wide Range of Detention Problems

Our law firm helps immigrant families find solutions to such problems as the following:

• Locating family members who might be held in immigration detention
• Finding out whether they might be transferred to other states
• Determining whether your loved one will be eligible for bail or conditional release from a local jail or immigration detention
• Learning whether your loved one can receive visitors, phone calls or mail
• Making sure that your family member receives sound legal advice if he or she is facing criminal charges

Our law firm can advise you about your rights in immigration detention proceedings if your loved one is out of status on a student or work visa, facing criminal charges, or at risk of removal as an illegal immigrant based on inadmissibility, removability or illegal entry.

The Experienced Representation You Need

Our attorneys regularly handle removal cases and are familiar with court procedures. If it appears that deportation proceedings can’t be avoided, we will work hard to find the grounds to support your continued residence in the U.S., or at least attempt to protect your right to apply for re-entry at a later date.

New York immigration lawyer Cheryl David teaches and lectures on immigration law issues all over the world. She previously chaired both the national Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) Committee and Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) committee on behalf of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. Her advice about what to do if a loved one is detained can help you find ways to keep your family together while looking for solutions to criminal defense problems or removal proceedings.

Contact Our New York City Lawyers for Undocumented Immigrant Matters

Before you can think about your options for resolving possible deportation or removal problems, you need to find out just what happened if a loved one has been detained by ICE. To learn about your options in cases of immigration detention, contact the Law Office of Cheryl R. David in New York.