Your first meeting with a NY immigration lawyer is important. An attorney can help you with many different immigration issues, but they can only do so much if you are not prepared for your consultation. That is why we have a list of things that we recommend bringing in with you when you are meeting with a skillful NYC family immigration attorney from our firm for the first time.

Which Documents Should I Bring With Me?

Most immigration matters involve a bit of paperwork, so make sure that you have everything that you may need to address your particular issue with you. We recommend bringing documents like:

  • Your birth certificate
  • Any immigration applications you have filed
  • Any immigration notices or orders
  • Your passport
  • I-94 records from USCIS

Most of these documents are going to be needed to move forward with any kind of immigration matter. If you have any questions before your meeting, we can take the time to tell you if you will need any other specific paperwork.

Should I Bring Anything Else to My Meeting With a NY Immigration Lawyer?

We recommend bringing a notebook when you are meeting with a NY immigration lawyer for the first time. United States immigration law can be confusing and there are many misconceptions about it. If you bring a notebook with you, you can write down what an immigration lawyer tells you so that you can commit important information about the country’s laws and processes to memory.

It can also be smart to write down any other important information you learn from your meeting. There may be dates, deadlines, and events that you need to keep track of. There may be certain forms that need to be filled out. Maybe you have some questions and your NY immigration lawyer is able to answer them for you. Whatever the case may be, having everything written down can make life easier later.

What Do I Need to Know Before I Meet a NY Immigration Lawyer?

It is also important to know what your goal is before you meet up with your immigration lawyer for the first time. Are you or a loved one trying to avoid deportation? Does a family member want to get a green card so that they can come over to the United States? Are you confused about the work visa application process? Our law firm is more than equipped to help you with any of these issues and more. Just be honest with us and tell us exactly what you want to do.

Contact Our Immigration Lawyers

If you or a loved one have questions about immigration, do not hesitate to reach out to the Law Office of Cheryl R. David in New York. We can help you learn more about the law, the right procedures, citizenship, and anything else that you want to know more about. Schedule your initial consultation today.