Laws concerning immigration can change at any time. Now that Title 42 has expired, the Republicans, who control the House of Representatives, have passed a new bill that focuses on immigration and border security. Our law firm is always keeping an eye on legislation like this, so if you have any questions about this bill and how it could affect you or a family member’s plans to immigrate to the United States, reach out to our law firm. A naturalization lawyer in New York City can assist you, or you can read on to find out more about these recently proposed changes and whether or not they stand a chance of becoming law.

What is in This New Immigration Bill?

This new immigration bill is clearly inspired by former President Trump’s proposed and enacted immigration policies. The Republicans are calling for:

  • More border wall construction
  • New limitations on asylum seekers
  • A new fee for asylum seekers
  • Stricter criteria for accepting asylum seekers based on their interviews

Democratic legislators argue that this bill is unhelpful. It does not address the causes of immigration and simply makes things harder for those who have legitimate reasons to seek asylum in the United States. The Republicans take a different tack though. They say that this bill can help curb illegal immigration and protect the country’s national security interests.

Is This Immigration Bill Likely to Become Law?

The bill took a while to pass the House, mostly due to disagreements among members of the Republican caucus. It is a compromise between more moderate Republicans and the immigration hard-liners in their party who want even more restrictions on asylum seekers and immigration in general.

This bill has a remote chance of going anywhere in a Senate controlled by the Democratic party. President Biden has also talked about vetoing this particular legislation if it were to reach his desk. It is unlikely that legislators would be able to override his veto.

Could This Lead to More Legislation?

Even though this legislation is unlikely to pass in its current form, some lawmakers believe that it could lead to the development of more immigration legislation. Legislators in both parties see some problems with our immigration system that they would like to solve, and they could potentially put their differences aside to tackle a number of issues. A new package of legislation could include:

  • Expanded legal immigration
  • Stricter border enforcement
  • Pathways to citizenship for some undocumented immigrants
  • More work visas

The likelihood of both parties working together on this issue still seems slim at this time though.

Talk to a Helpful Immigration Lawyer

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