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What is an O-visa?

There are a number of cases where models, actors, athletes, musicians, and other talented people have to travel around the world for their profession and may end up moving to the United States. An O-visa presents an individual that can demonstrate that they have “extraordinary ability” in their field with the power to obtain employment in the United States. There are a number of different types of O-visas available. If you are an individual of extraordinary ability and would like to consider your employment options in the United States, it is critical that you reach out to an experienced immigration attorney. Our firm has a strong background in this field and has helped many individuals in New York. To learn more about your options, reach out to us today.

Am I eligible for an O-visa?

It is important to recognize that an O-1 A visa is reserved for individuals who have exceptional ability in athletics, business, education, or science. To be qualified to apply for this kind of visa, you must have either won a major award in your field or meet at least three of the following requirements:

  • You have received a high salary for your field
  • You are a member of an Association that requires an outstanding achievement
  • You have won an award for excellence
  • You will be serving a critical role in a distinguished organization
  • You have had articles written about you in a major media publication
  • You have written a scholarly article
  • You have acted as a judge of others in the field
  • You have made an original contribution of significance to the field

What is evidence of extraordinary ability?

Proving you are an individual of extraordinary ability is not always easy. Some of the ways that you can do so include delivering some of the following types of evidence:

  • Awards you have won
  • Album or art sales
  • Potential concert schedule
  • Past concert schedules or tours
  • Itineraries such as tour dates, gallery openings, production calendar, game schedule, or research calendar
  • A contract between the petitioner and beneficiary
  • A written opinion from an organization in the United States that details your ability

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