When an individual decides that they want to become a citizen of the United States, they must take part in the naturalization process. Congress has established a number of requirements that an individual must meet before they can become a naturalized citizen. Typically, one must first have obtained status as a lawful permanent resident before they are eligible to apply for naturalization. It is important to consult with an experienced immigration attorney prior to beginning the naturalization process to ensure that all possible issues are resolved before applying, such as:

  • determining whether criminal convictions may prevent an individual from obtaining citizenship
  • determining whether divorce or employment issues won’t harm the naturalization process for those with marriage or employment visas
  • ensuring that all tax issues are resolved before applying
  • helping those who meet the standard to waive the language requirements

When an individual does complete the language and civics examinations and has a successful interview with the USCIS, they may be granted citizenship. Obtaining citizenship in the United States allows an individual to vote in federal elections, obtain a U.S. passport, run for office, obtain federal or law enforcement jobs, obtain citizenship for children who were born in another country, take part in a jury, obtain certain benefits that are only offered to citizens, among others.

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