When an individual becomes a permanent resident of the United States, it is important that they take some time to learn their rights and responsibilities. Just like naturalized citizens, permanent residents are required to both follow and be protected by the laws of the United States.

What are the rights of a permanent resident?

When individuals don’t know their rights, they can easily be taken advantage of by others. Individuals who have green cards (permanent resident cards) have the right to live in the United States on a permanent basis as long as no acts are committed that can result in removal under immigration law, obtain any legal employment that they are qualified to do, and be protected by all local, state, and federal laws in the United States.

What are the responsibilities of a permanent resident?

Permanent residents, like naturalized citizens, have a responsibility to do certain things in order to continue their status as a lawful permanent resident. Permanent residents are required and expected to:

  • Follow all local, state, and federal laws of the United States
  • File state and federal income tax returns and report income to the Internal Revenue Service and their state of residence
  • Support the democratic form of government
  • If an individual is a male aged 18 to 25, he must register with the Selective Service

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