USA flagIn many countries around the world, there are, unfortunately, dangerous situations that can put the lives of the people who live there at risk. There are certain countries with particularly dangerous situations that have been put on a list created by Homeland Security and the United States Citizen and Immigration Services that would allow people from those countries to seek refuge in the United States. This program is known as Temporary Protected Status, in which a person from a country that has unsafe conditions can reside in the United States without the fear of removal during a certain period of time.

In order to be considered eligible for TPS, your country must be on the designated list because there is a civil war or ongoing war-like conditions, dangerous conditions that resulted from a natural disaster, or other serious conditions that are only deemed temporary. Some of the countries that have been currently granted temporary protection include El Salvador until March 2018, Syria until March 31, 2018, Nepal until June 24, 2018, as well as 10 other countries.

You have to submit your application to register during a specific timeframe that the USCIS has outlined. In order for you to be eligible, you must not commit any felonies during your time in the United States, ensure that you remain within the United States continuously from the first date the USCIS declares you to, and you must be registered for TPS status within the dates provided for your country.

You will be required to submit evidence that you are truly from the country you are seeking protected status from and that you arrived within the United States on the correct date and have stayed there since your arrival. One of the other most important things to know is that just because you have been granted Temporary Protected Status, you have not been granted permanent residency. If you have questions about whether or not you may be eligible for TPS, you should speak with an experienced immigration attorney.

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