Documentation at the adjustment of status interview is very important and they can be sticklers about what you bring to the interview, so it is important to prepare ahead of time. For the adjustment of status interview, they are going to want to see your original marriage certificate. If the case is based on marriage, they are going to want to see the original birth certificate of the beneficiary. If you are filing for a green card based on marriage and your spouse is a United States citizen, original proof of citizenship is required. If either one of you was married before and the marriage ended in divorce or death, an original death certificate or divorce decree will be necessary. They are going to want to see all your original identity documents.

Both you and your spouse should also have evidence of who you are. If a US citizen is showing proof of citizenship based on a birth certificate, in addition they are going to need to have picture ID. You also will need a valid passport for the interview. If, for some reason, you don’t have a valid passport, that can be okay if you have an expired passport, but, they will want to see some type of picture identification.

In addition, they are going to want to see evidence of the relationship. They are going to want to see proof that you are married and living together. If you have joint documents such as joint tax returns, a joint bank account, a joint credit card, joint utility bills, you want to gather that evidence and have that presented at the interview. In addition, it is important that they see pictures. They won’t look at your pictures on your phone or on a computer. You are going to have to do the old-fashioned way and get a photo album and print your pictures out. I always say it is a good excuse to print your pictures and frame them. Have a photo album ready for them at the interview. If it is a marriage-based interview, they generally will take two pictures to keep for the file, so make sure you have two pictures that you are willing to part with or have copies of so that the officer can keep them at the interview.

Other than that, if you don’t have a ton of joint documents, but you have evidence that you are both living at the same address that should be sufficient. Keep in mind, immigration will send you a list of suggested documents to bring to the interview. Don’t panic if you don’t have everything; it’s not normal for everybody to have everything and officers can still make a determination on the legalities of your relationship based on your testimony and some documentation to show that you are living at the same address. In addition to everything that I stated, if you have entered the United States legally with a visa and that is how you are demonstrating eligibility for the adjustment of status, make sure to bring your original I-94 card with your passport. If you have questions relating to how to prepare for the interview and what documents you need, or if you want somebody to do the whole process for you, which is my recommendation, please contact my office and we would be happy to assist you.

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