If you are in the position that you need to apply for a waiver, it’s important to have competent legal advice and understand the process. In order to win your waiver, you need to demonstrate that it’s a hardship to one or all of your qualifying members if you’re not allowed to either enter the United States or stay in the United States. This waiver application is very document-heavy. Anything that you say has to be documented on paper. We take great pride in our office regarding waivers; it’s something we are very good at, but we need you to work with us on it.

If you claim that there’s a hardship because of financial information, you need to document that. If you claim that there’s a hardship because of medical reasons, you need to document that. If you claim that you can’t find jobs overseas because they discriminate against you based on age, you need to document that. In order to be successful at a waiver, you need to document everything that you say and give immigration the whole picture of your family and life.

You also need to show them that it’s a hardship to you if your family stays behind and you leave the United States, as well as how it would be a hardship to your family if they leave and go overseas with you. It’s important to consult with a good immigration lawyer to understand the ins and outs because waivers can be approved if they are presented properly, but they can be easily denied if you take them for granted. If you have questions or are need of a waiver, I urge you to contact my office. We’d be happy to help you and work with you in getting the case approved.

The Law Office of Cheryl David is experienced in dealing with immigration cases and would happy to help you in any way to ensure approval. Please contact us 2016to set up a free initial consultation.