My Spouse is in criminal custody and ICE has a hold on him, can he get bonded out?

  • If your spouse is not released from custody, immigration judges do not have the authority to release them on bond.
  •  The likelihood of immigration setting a bond depends on the crime and person’s immigration status.
  •  If your spouse has a conviction after October 9, 1998, where they were sentenced to probation, jail, or any type of punishment where they were confined, they may be subject to a mandatory detention.
  •  There are certain convictions that render you removable from the United States as well as inadmissible to the United States.
  •  If your loved one has been stopped by immigration coming into the airport, immigration doesn’t admit them, takes their Green Card away, and places them into removal proceedings; they are going to be charged on their paperwork as an arriving alien.
  •  If your spouse is classified as an arriving alien, an immigration judge does not have the authority to bond them out.