Securing your immigrant visa interview spot can be exciting and nerve-wracking. There are several ways in which you can prepare for your interview. If you need legal assistance regarding your visa interview, contact an immigration attorney in NYC who can offer guidance and knowledge.

What Will Happen During the Interview?

You want to be prepared for how the interview will go and what will be asked. Below are some tips to keep in mind while you prepare.

  • Your interview will be in English. Practice conversational English to ensure you can clearly and effectively converse with the consular officer.
  • Only the applicants should be present for the interview. Do not bring family or friends into the room with you if you are the only one being interviewed.
  • The officer may ask a variety of questions about you, your family, your plans in the U.S., your job, etc. It is important that you be open and honest with your interviewer.

What Should I Do Before the Interview?

There are steps you need to take after the interview is scheduled but before the day arrives. You will need to schedule a medical exam with an embassy-approved doctor. Before your interview, you must complete the exam and ensure you have any required vaccinations. Keep in mind that results from your exam could take up to 96 hours to be ready, so be mindful of your time constraints.

Every embassy will have specific instructions so make sure to research their qualifications.

Lastly, gather the documents that are required for your interview.

What Documents Do I Need for My Immigrant Visa Interview?

Every visa applicant must bring certain documents with them on the day of the interview.

Make sure to ask what papers you will need, but in general, bring the following.

  • Your appointment letter
    • The letter you received from the NVC (National Visa Center)
  • Your passport
    • Must be valid for at least 6 months after your intended entry to the U.S.
  • Two identical photos of yourself
    • Must be color photographs and 2 x 2 inches
  • DS-260 Confirmation Page
    • This is the last page you received after submitting your online application
  • Supporting documentation
    • Must bring original or certified copies of all of the civil documents that you uploaded to CEAC (Consular Electronic Application Center)

What Do I Do After the Interview?

Your next steps after your interview will depend on the outcome. There will be different actions to take depending on if your visa was approved or not.

If your visa was approved, congratulations! You can celebrate and begin preparing for your stay in the United States. Make sure to keep track of updates or changes in immigration policy. Certain changes may affect your visa status, so check regulations regularly.

If your visa is denied, it is not the end of the road. Find out why you were denied and reapply, taking steps to ensure you correct any oversight from the first time around. You may have been denied due to missing documentation, suspicion of intent to stay longer than allowed, or any other detail.