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There are many different ways to get your green card in the United States, but which path you are eligible to take can depend on a few different factors. A green card immigration lawyer in NYC can help you figure out which option would work best for you or a loved one who is trying to immigrate to the country.

How Many Ways Are There to Get Your Green Card?

There are a few different categories under which you can get a green card. If you are not eligible for any of the following categories, you may not be able to apply for and successfully obtain residency. You may be able to get a green card if:

You have family in the US: Family members of a United States citizen, including spouses, children, and spouses can apply for a green card. Unfortunately, extended family members like cousins and grandparents, do not qualify for this pathway.

You get a job: If you are able to secure a job in the United States, you may also be able to get a green card. This method is available to different kinds of workers, but it is usually easier to take this pathway if you have more education and a job that requires skills that are hard to replicate or train for.

You are granted asylum or refugee status: If you apply for asylum or refugee status and your application is approved, you can take that path toward becoming a permanent resident.

You qualify as a “special immigrant”: Some immigrants who work in certain fields can qualify to immigrate due to their skills or history. Some examples include former officers of NATO, Afghan and Iraqi translators who helped the United States Government, and workers for some nonprofit religious organizations.

You were the victim of a crime: In some cases, immigrants who were abused, trafficked, or victimized in another way can apply for green card status. This eligibility can even extend to spouses or other relatives of US citizens who may have had their immigration status used against them.

Where Do I Apply For a Green Card?

In most of the above pathways, you need someone else to sponsor you so that you can get your green card. Once they do that, you can apply to immigrate by filing paperwork with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services or the State Department. There are fees to be paid and lots of paperwork to deal with, which is why we suggest having an attorney on your side. We can help you keep track of everything.

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