If you are studying in the United States and wish to continue living here after your schooling is complete, you may have some options. An NYC temporary visas immigration lawyer from our firm can work with you and learn more about what you want to do and your immigration goals. We can find the best possible solution for any international students who are almost finished up with their studies.

How Can an International Student Extend Their Time in the US?

There are a few different ways to extend how much time you can spend in the United States. Which visa works best for you can depend on a number of different factors, but common solutions for international students who have just graduated include:

F1 Visa: This can give international students another year of time in the United States, provided that they stick to a practical training schedule. Your university should have the necessary forms and a list of options for you. Now graduating does not mean that you have to get sent back to your home country.

H-1B Visa: This is a visa given to immigrant workers who have the background and education needed to perform a particular kind of job. These jobs require an undergraduate degree. An employer would sponsor you and then you could be selected for an H-1B visa and a stay in the United States that lasts between three and six years.

H-3 Visa: This kind of visa would allow an immigrant to train in a particular field after their studies are completed. The intention would be to learn about a job or career for another two years, then take that knowledge back to their country of origin. This is obviously not the ideal choice for someone who would want to establish permanent residence here.

Green card: This allows you to work and live anywhere in the United States for as long as you want to. Obviously, green cards are quite desirable, so there can be a long wait for them. A student can apply for one in a few ways, including by asking for sponsorship from a family member or making an argument that they need asylum in the United States.

How Can I Increase My Chances of Extending My Stay in the United States?

No matter what your particular situation is, there are a few general tips that can help you increase your chances of securing a visa and staying in the United States for longer. We recommend that you:

Stay organized: Have all of the paperwork you need somewhere easily accessible and keep everything together.

Apply early: There is a limit to how many people can get a visa. So know the deadlines and get your application in early.

Talk to a lawyer: This process can be confusing. An experienced immigration lawyer can do a lot to help you make it through this process.

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