The tech visa lottery established by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is supposed to be a fair way for immigrants to potentially secure employment and sponsorship in the United States. However, it seems like some have begun to try and exploit loopholes in the lottery. They want to increase their own chances of receiving an H-1B visa at the expense of others. An employment visa attorney in New York City can help you deal with this new hurdle and the other steps required to secure a visa of your own.

How Can People Take Advantage of the Tech Visa Lottery?

The main method for taking advantage of the tech visa lottery is filing multiple bids for the same person under different company names. When someone wants to come to this country and work, they need a visa like the H-1B visa. Companies who need their talent can sponsor them, and then they can enter the lottery for a visa.

However, some people have begun submitting themselves under multiple companies, even if they do not have an actual employment offer. This can increase their chances of winning a visa over someone who is doing things legitimately.

How Big is the Problem?

Applications for H-1B visas continue to rise. There were more than 780,000 applications this year, up from around 483,000 in 2022 and over 308,000 in 2021. That means that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services now needs to undertake some massive fraud investigations in order to try and root out those who are gaming the system.

This year, the agency found nearly 409,000 registrations that were connected to people who applied more than once to be in the lottery. That is a massive jump from last year’s numbers, which rose to around 165,000.

Can Someone Be Sponsored Multiple Times for a Tech Visa?

This can get even more complicated because it actually is possible to be entered into this lottery under multiple company names in a legitimate way. Some workers do in fact convince two or even three companies to sponsor them, increasing their chances of securing a tech visa.

So the USCIS has to sort out people who have legitimate job offers from people who are trying to game the system. This is not easy work.

What Happens Next?

Now the 110,791 winners of the lottery will be considered for 85,000 total H1-B visa slots. The companies sponsoring them will make a decision about whether or not they are hiring in June, and if any slots are still available another lottery could be held later.

Consult a Lawyer Who is Familiar With the Tech Visa Lottery

If you or a loved one are attempting to secure a visa of your own, these recent developments might make it even more difficult. Contact the Law Office of Cheryl R. David and schedule a consultation. We can tell you more about what an immigration lawyer can do to assist you.