Recently, Former President Donald Trump’s administration made some changes to the civics test. This is a test that individuals need to pass as part of the process that allows them to obtain citizenship. The new test was issued to anyone who applied after December 1, 2020. But, the new test was arguably more difficult than the old version of the test. In fact, many experts worried about the implications of the new test. According to The New York Times, the new test could make it harder for poor immigrants from non-English-speaking countries to become citizens. This would ultimately suppress the number of immigrants who are able to vote. Additionally, the immigration system often deals with delays and this new test could cause further hold-ups. As a result, the Biden administration has determined to revise the test again. Read on to learn more about the new test and when it will be offered.

What is the Citizenship Test?

Part of the naturalization process is testing an applicant’s knowledge of United States history. This test is meant to evaluate your knowledge of the U.S. government and the English language. There are exceptions to taking the test for certain applicants. Those over the age of 50 who have lived in the country for over 20 years are not required to take the language test. However, they must still pass a civics test. This is also the case for applicants over the age of 55 that has lived in the country for more than 15 years.

What Changes Were Made?

It was announced that the Trump-era test would contain more questions. This meant applicants would have to answer 12 out of 20 questions in order to achieve a passing score, rather than the initial 6 out of 12. The test also included more difficult questions.  The New York Times states that simple geography questions had been eliminated and more complex questions have been added.

When Will the Test Be Updated?

According to CNN, “the update goes into effect on March 1 and there will be a brief period during which the agency may offer both versions of the test to accommodate applicants who were already studying for the Trump-era version.”

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