People around the world dream of coming to the United States for a variety of reasons. This may be for family, employment, refugee or asylum status, and more. In order for an individual to come into the country with permanent residence, they must apply for the United States Permanent Resident Card. This card is also known as a “Green Card,” in reference to its green color. A Green Card allows foreigners to live and work permanently in the country. Individuals looking to receive a Green Card should seek the help of an experienced New York City attorney to guide you through the application process.


To apply for a Green Card, one must meet certain requirements in order to be eligible. These requirements have various categories that allow for different circumstances. The categories for eligibility are:

  • Family-Based: For immediate U.S. relatives. This may include parents, spouses, and unmarried children under 21.
  • Job or employment-based: For people who wish to come to the country for a job offer or employment.
  • Refugee or asylum: For immigrants who were admitted to the country as refugees or a spouse/child of a refugee. They can apply for permanent resident status one year after they entered the country. This is the same for those granted asylum or a spouse/child of an asylee.
  • Special programs

The Process

The process of acquiring a Green Card requires a great amount of patience, as it could take months or even longer than a year. In order to be approved, a study of the applicant’s character and verification of their identity must be completed. The applicant must also be interviewed by an immigration officer. An immigration officer requires proof of a valid marriage for those petitioning for a Green Card as a spouse.

Most of the people applying for a Green Card are required to provide an affidavit of support as part of their application. This calls for the individual to have a sponsor to fill out a form on their behalf during the application process. Doing so means the sponsor takes financial responsibility for the applicant through proving the individual can support themselves once they are in the United States. This process is to ensure the applicant would not need the assistance of welfare or other government benefits once they are in the country.

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