When individuals are faced with the harsh reality of deportation, their whole life can change. This can be a hard situation to accept. These individuals have entered the United States for a reason. Whether they entered to be with their families or to provide a better life, they do not want to be deported. In these situations, not only is it hard for the individual facing deportation, it can also have an effect on their family. If they have children, their children may not understand the situation. They may be saddened by the sudden disappearance of one of their parents. In order to prevent deportation, contact us for legal counsel. Our attorneys can assist you with waivers.

One way to respond to deportation involves the process of obtaining a waiver. An inadmissibility waiver is a way to ask the court to grant you entry despite the existence of inadmissible factors.

What is a removability waiver?

A removability waiver is another way to respond to a deportation action. Through this waiver, you are asking the court for permission to remain in the country even if you committed a removable violation. Individuals may face these situations for a variety of reasons. These can include illegal immigration, traffic or criminal charges, violations of visa conditions and overstaying the term of a visa.

Is my status jeopardized if I’m arrested?

If an individual is arrested due to a criminal charge, their residency in the United States may be revoked if they are not a citizen. Those who are arrested may face deportation. As an immigrant in jail, you may be detained by an Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer. This means that even if you are bailed out of jail from your criminal charges, you may be sent to the ICE detention. While in ICE detention, immigration authorities consider whether you should be removed from the United States. During these times, it is important to have an immigration attorney to work on your behalf. This can help provide you with the best opportunity to stay in the U.S. and avoid deportation.

These situations can be scary and can have a big impact on your loved ones as well. During this time, seek out our legal counsel to ensure that your best interests are being taken care of.

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