One question that is often asked by individuals who have recently become permanent residents of the United States is “how can I help my family members become permanent residents, too?” Of course, it is understandable that families will want to stay together. However, when one family member becomes a permanent resident before the rest of the family, they will have to petition to bring their family members to the United States by filling out Form I-130, the Petition for an Alien Relative. Please be aware that the only family members who are covered by the petition include spouses or unmarried children.

One of the major requirements of petitioning to bring a spouse or child to the United States as a permanent resident is that the petitioner will have to prove that they will be able to provide financial support for the relatives. If the individual themselves cannot provide financial support, they may find another source of financial support in another person who will be legally obligated to support them. Filing the petition to have a relative come to the United States does not mean they can come right away. They will be placed on a list of others waiting and have to go through the visa process.

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