When you’re applying for fiancé petition, the form is an I-129. Along with that petition, you’re going to need evidence that you met your fiancé in person. Usually that’s done by stamping your passport and/or a ticket showing you’ve flown overseas. It’s also a good idea to include pictures to show that you’ve met in person. If you’ve met family and friends overseas, that’s a good idea as well. In addition, you want to show proof that you’ve maintained a relationship over the last two years. If it’s longer, that’s fine as well. You’re going to have to include a statement that you’re both free and legal to be married, meaning that if you’ve been married before, you’re swearing that you’re no longer in that marriage. You’ll also have to document that if you were married before, that marriage has been terminated, either through a divorce certificate, a death certificate, or an annulment. In addition, you’re going to have to show police clearances to show that you haven’t been arrested anywhere in the world, for both you, the petitioner, and the beneficiary and any other evidence that you can think of to show that this is a legitimate relationship.

If you have questions about what documents to include with your application, it’s a good idea to meet with an immigration lawyer and discuss what documents are necessary for your I-29 petition.

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