Unfortunately, the only people who qualify for a waiver are either a United States or green card holder, parent, or a spouse. If the only person in the United States that you have who is a United States citizen is your child, then unfortunately you’re not going to eligible to apply for a green card. Although, your child can file an I-130, a family based petition for you, you won’t be able to change status or adjust status in the United States or even visa process because you won’t be eligible for a waiver. Again, in order to be eligible for a waiver, a child does not qualify as a qualifying relative to demonstrate hardship. Although your child might be able to sponsor you if you don’t have a parent or a spouse who is a citizen or a resident, you will not be able to get a green card and be eligible for a waiver. If you have questions related to these issues or think that you might be eligible for a waiver or aren’t sure, please call my office and I’d be happy to discuss your situation with you.

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