Family is important. When your parents reside in another country than you it can be lonely and you may begin to miss them very much. The F3 visa is a family-based green card that can benefit the children of United States citizens. Although the application process can be daunting, it is worth it to get the chance to live and work in the U.S. alongside your family. Speak with a skillful NYC family immigration attorney to learn more about your options in applying for an F3 visa.

What Are the Requirements for an F3 Visa Holder?

There are several people that can benefit from an F3 visa but applicants must meet certain criteria before applying. The following people can apply to be an F3 visa holder.

  • Children of U.S. citizens, as long as they are married
  • The spouse of a child of U.S. citizens
  • Unmarried children under the age of 21 of a child of U.S. citizens

With the F3 visa, a married child of U.S. citizens can legally reside and work in the United States along with their spouse and children. Applicants must prove that they have a parent who is a United States citizen, that they are 21 years of age or older, and that they are currently married. Once these requirements have been met you may begin the application process.

How Can I Apply?

The application process for an F3 visa can be complex and time-consuming. Consider the following crucial steps in applying for a visa.

  1. File a petition: Your U.S. citizen parent must file petition I-130 to request that their married child and family become permanent legal residents.
  2. Receive USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) response: If the petition is approved your information will be sent to the National Visa Center to continue the process. If denied you will be informed why and will have the opportunity to reapply.
  3. Receive NVC package: You, the foreign applicant, will receive documentation and information including a case number and your priority date.
  4. Submit application: Once your priority date arrives follow the steps listed in the NVC package. File Form DS-260 for each of the applicants, and complete required vaccinations and medical exams.
  5. Include documents: You must include with your application certain documents like your passport, an Affidavit of Support, medical documents, vaccination records, current photographs, marriage certificate, birth certificates, criminal records, military records, etc.
  6. Attend the interview: Once your documents and application are processed the NVC will set up an interview with the U.S. Embassy. Attend the interview with your spouse and any eligible children.
  7. Receive visa: Once you are approved you will receive your F3 visas and a package to bring with you to the U.S. for the immigration officials to open.

Many people apply for family green cars each year, so the United States government has a cap on the amount they can distribute. This means that the processing time for receiving an F3 visa can be extensive. It can take one or several years to receive your visa. Work with a knowledgeable immigration attorney to obtain representation and assistance while pursuing a visa.