Navigating this country’s immigration system can be challenging because rules and regulations almost seem to change constantly. A new rule proposed by the Biden administration, for example, has just upended the plans of some asylum seekers. This is why, if you are trying to emigrate to the United States or help your relatives with the process, it is a good idea to retain the services of a family immigration attorney in New York City.

What Does This New Asylum Rule Change?

This new rule first seeks to change who can actually apply for asylum. Many people who come to the United States end up passing through other countries on their way. This rule would say that migrants would need to seek asylum in one of the countries that they passed through, instead of just waiting to apply when they have reached our country. This would affect nearly every immigrant who wants asylum in the United States, aside from those who hail from Mexico.

This has received some pushback from immigration advocates, who compare it to an asylum transit ban that was pushed by the previous administration and struck down in courts. The Biden administration rejects the comparison, saying that it is only trying to discourage migrants from taking dangerous routes to the border where they could be taken advantage of by “coyotes,” smugglers, and other bad actors.

They say that the goal is not to cut off people from seeking asylum. The administration has also made a variety of humanitarian exemptions, including for migrants who have medical conditions and those who were human trafficking victims.

So Who Can Apply for Asylum?

The Biden administration is hoping that the new rule will encourage people to seek asylum by going through legal ports of entry. As long as migrants do that, it is unlikely that they will be penalized for not seeking asylum elsewhere. It is migrants who continue to attempt to cross the southern border illegally that could encounter issues.

What Can an Immigration Attorney Do to Assist Me?

Regardless of the intentions of the Biden administration, this new rule can easily cause uncertainty and worry for someone seeking asylum. If you are confused by changing rules or frustrated with the immigration system, you are not alone. You should seek out the assistance of an immigration attorney from our law firm. Your lawyer can:

  • Help you fight deportation proceedings
  • Assist with the paperwork needed for your legal emigration to the United States
  • Keep you informed of changes in rules, fees, and procedures
  • Guide you through green card applications and naturalization processes

Do not get confused by the United States immigration system or have your progress stymied by complex rules and regulations. Let an experienced lawyer help you out.

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