Moving to a new country can be an overwhelming experience for anyone. Thankfully, the United States offers various ways for eligible non-citizens to obtain permanent residence in our country. If you’re planning on immigrating to the US, you might be wondering about the best way for you to legally move here. The good news is that our knowledgeable law firm has the answers you’re looking for! Read on to learn about how you may be eligible to apply for a green card through family ties if you have any family already living in the United States. You may also speak with a Green Card Immigration Lawyer in NYC for specialized legal counseling.


You may be eligible for a green card via family ties if you have an immediate family member who is a US citizen. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) defines an immediate relative as one of these eligible family members:

  • Spouses of US citizens
  • Unmarried children under 21 years old of US citizens
  • Parents of US citizens that are over 21 years old

There is no limit on the number of green cards issued for immediate relatives of US citizens. If you meet the qualifications and are already in the United States, the US citizen sponsoring you must help you file an adjustment of status. This can be done by filing an immigration petition on form I-130 with the US citizen’s local USCIS Service Center. If you’re not in the United States yet but want to apply for this green card, you’ll need to visit a US embassy in your home country.


If you’re otherwise related to a US citizen, you can still be eligible for a different type of green card as long as you fall under the “family preference” category. However, you should know that there’s a limit on the number of these visas that are released each year. Also, some family members are given preference over other family members to get this green card. The order of preference is as follows:

  • Unmarried children (any age) of US citizens
  • Spouses and underage children of permanent residents
  • Unmarried children over 21 years old of permanent residents
  • Married children, their spouses, and their underage children
  • Siblings, their spouses, and their underage children (this includes foster siblings and half-siblings)

If you’re considering applying for a US green card, you might be seeking a trusted immigration lawyer to guide you through the tricky legal process. Look no further because our highly experienced team is on your side every step of the way! Contact the Law Offices of Cheryl R. David today for an initial consultation.