There are various employment visas available for non-citizens to work in the United States if they qualify. However, all visas have an expiration date, and you could be deported if you stay in the country past that day. Thankfully, employment visa holders have the option of renewing their visas so that they can lawfully remain here. If you need to extend your work visa, our law firm is here to help. To learn more, continue reading or contact an Employment Visa Attorney in New York City today!


To be eligible to extend your work visa, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You legally entered the country with a nonimmigrant visa
  • Your visa and passport are both still valid
  • You have a clean criminal record
  • You haven’t violated any conditions of your admission into the US

You’ll need to make sure your visa extension is approved before the expiration date of your current visa. Therefore, you should begin your renewal application at least 45 days before your current employment visa expires.


If you’re eligible for renewal and you plan to move forward, there are a few steps you’ll need to take to successfully extend your visa. You can apply for an extension by filling out Form I-539, which is the Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant status.

You’ll need to submit the required filing fee along with your application. The fee for filing Form I-539 is currently $370. You might also need to pay a biometric services fee. If you hire an immigration lawyer to help you file your visa forms, you’ll need to worry about lawyer fees too. While hiring a lawyer might be expensive, it can be helpful to have an experienced attorney guide you through the immigration process.

In order to successfully file your employment visa extension forms, you’ll need to include applicable evidence and other supporting documentation. This usually entails proof of your employment, a passport, identification, and more. Lastly, you’ll need to sign all forms and submit them to the appropriate filing location.

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