There are various types of employment visas available for foreign workers to find a job in the United States. One of the most popular types is the H-1B visa. If you’re a foreigner looking for more information on this visa and plan to file an application for one, continue reading this blog. Find out how an Employment Visa Attorney in New York City may be able to help you today!


Essentially, H-1B visas are for professional employees, and these nonimmigrant work visas allow American employers to hire foreign workers for specialty careers that require at least a bachelor’s degree. Fields that frequently use these visas include finance, engineering, IT, architecture, and more. These visas are important because they allow employers to hire foreign employees whether or not they live in the United States.


You might be wondering how you can get your own H-1B visa. There’s a huge demand for these visas every year, so the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) limits the number of visas that are allowed. At the moment, 65,000 H-1B visas are issued each fiscal year. There are also an extra 20,000 visas available for applicants who have a master’s degree or higher from an American institution. However, the USCIS limit does not apply to certain employers, namely government research organizations, higher education institutions, and nonprofit organizations connected to higher education.

If your occupation is subject to the visa limit, you’ll need to enter an electronic lottery by registering online with the USCIS. You’ll need to pay a registration fee and provide certain documentation, such as the American employer’s job offer, records showing your educational history, and proof that there is a lack of qualified American applicants for the position. You must have this documentation in order to be eligible for your H-1B visa. Furthermore, you can hire an immigration attorney to register online and file your documentation for you. There is merely a 14-day period each year when you can register for this visa, so it might be an idea to have an immigration lawyer on your side to help you through the visa process. The USCIS informs applicants if they’ve been selected through their online account.

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