An O-1 visa is only meant for extraordinary individuals who have demonstrated exceptional abilities in science, business, education, the arts, or athletics. An O-1 visa is extremely difficult to get, as extraordinary individuals must show proof of their excellence. This type of visa is commonly used by actors, athletes, models, musicians, and any other talent-related professions to travel. This type of visa helps these individuals with exceptional abilities travel to sports games, movie sets, concerts, and art galleries for their profession. This type of visa allows these extraordinary individuals the ability to work in the United States. If you believe you are an extraordinary individual with exceptional abilities in a specific field, contact an experienced Employment Visa Attorney in New York City who can help you get the ball rolling.

Who is granted an O-1 visa?

An O-1 visa is only for individuals with extraordinary abilities in a specific field. You can have exceptional abilities in athletics, science, business, education, and the arts. To be eligible for this specific type of visa, you must show proof of your excellence through:

  • documentation of nationally or internationally recognized awards or prizes for excellence in their field
  • received a high salary or other compensation for services in your field
  • you belong to an association that requires outstanding achievement
  • contributed a critical role to the success of a prestigious organization
  • have published articles or had an article written about you in a scholarly or major media publication
  • acted as a judge of others in your field
  • have made an original contribution of significance to the field

If you have three or more of the above criteria, you may be approved for this type of visa. If you have three of these standards, you may be able to acquire this employment-based type of visa. The restrictions and requirements are set by the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

How long can you be on an O visa?

An O-1 visa is only temporary, they are not permanent. An individual can obtain an O-1 visa for three years. However, it can be renewed in one-year increments. There is no limit on how many extensions you request. The earliest an individual can ask for an extended O-1 visa is six months before the expiration of their current one.

Can family members be brought under the O-1 visa?

If you are granted an O-1 visa, you can bring anyone who supports your exceptional abilities. Anyone who has this kind of visa can bring their work and support crews with them under the O-2 visa. They can temporarily obtain this visa to help extraordinary individuals with their work. Family members can obtain a visa alongside an extraordinary individual through an O-3 visa.

Ultimately, an O-1 visa is restricted to extraordinary individuals with exceptional abilities in a specific field. If you believe you have extraordinary abilities in a field that can grant you an employment-based O-1 visa, reach out to one of our qualified team members who can assist you through the legal process.