When President Trump campaigned for President, he addressed his plans to end the DACA Program. This provided temporary protection from deportation to qualified individuals brought to the United States illegally as children. After lawsuits arose regarding the President’s authority to reverse the program, the Supreme Court reviewed the case and ruled that it was unconstitutional to rescind the program. For many DACA recipients, this was a relief that they could continue their life in the United States. 

However, the President’s administration recently stated that a “comprehensive review” of the program. Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf stated in a memo that while DACA recipients were originally able to renew their status for two years and that first-time applicants to the DACA program will no longer be accepted. This suggests that the administration is still working to end the program. Though, it is important to note that they do not plan on doing so before the election takes place in November of this year. 

The decision to continue efforts in ending the DACA program has been met with a variety of reviews, mostly mixed. There are many individuals in favor of the ruling while others disagree with the decision. Attorney Mark Rosenbaum who worked against eliminating DACA in the Supreme Court stated,”We obviously have no choice but to go back to court. It was illegal the first time, and now it’s a constitutional crisis. It’s as if a Supreme Court decision was written with invisible ink.” While the future of the DACA program is unknown at this point, it is clear that rescinding it is still on the agenda of the administration.

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