When immigrants enter the United States with an employment visa, they have to continue working at that job to be able to stay in the country. Whether they are fired or quit their job, they will need to pursue other actions to remain in the country. If they wish to stay in the country, they can seek an adjustment of their status to give them approval to continue residing here. This can give them approval to a more permanent residency status. If the individual is not eligible for this adjustment of status, they can seek another employer. By gaining another job opportunity, that employer can sponsor their visa and they may be able to stay in the country while working that job. Otherwise, the individual may have to leave the country. Since the condition of their employment visa is that they are intended to work while in the United States, that condition is broken if they do not get another job. They may face removal proceedings if they do not seek action quickly enough.

How do I adjust my status in the U.S.?

To begin the adjustment of status process, you should fill out a petition for adjustment. Once the petition is filed, you may have many steps to go through before receiving a final answer on your status. These steps can include biometrics, a medical examination and a formal interview.

Biometrics contains multiple processes that are used to identify individuals and their history, which can include a criminal background check to ensure they are not a threat to society. At this time, they will be fingerprinted and have their picture taken to prove their identity.

A medical exam and an interview are also done to make a decision on the applicant’s adjustment of status. The medical exam is in place to ensure that you are not carrying communicable diseases that can be spread to the community. A review of your immunization records will be done, along with an analysis of any physical or mental disorders stated in your medical history. The interview process is something that an immigration attorney can prepare you for before it is done to give you an insight into how it is done. They can help you prepare by providing you with examples of questions you may be asked.

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