On July 8, 2018, Attorney Cheryl David was invited to discuss legal immigration in the United States with Lulu Garcia-Navarro, host of NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday. Attorney David discussed the impact of the Trump administration on the process of legally immigrating to the United States.

When asked what has changed, David stated the following:  “A lot has changed. The president has signed numerous executive orders in the name of national security safety – the other notion of buy American, hire American. So everything is, you know, vetted more strongly than it was before, probably unnecessarily because we had some very good procedures in place. In October of 2017, the administration had indicated that we are now going to have to interview every applicant applying for a green card. So previously, employment-based cases, for the most part, weren’t interviewed. Now they’re in the queue for interviewing. So that’s set family-based immigration back tremendously. The employment-based cases are generally going forward first. The family-based cases are taking, you know, back seat to those cases. And so, you know, more people are having to wait to get things processed. And we don’t have the resources to do that. And again, it’s probably not necessary.” 


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