Each year, tens of thousands of individuals come to the United States for employment purposes. In order to do so lawfully, one will have to apply for a visa that applies to their particular situation. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services has separated employment-based visas into three preference categories that include the following:

  • First Preference, EB-1, is granted to “priority workers.” This category includes international persons who have an extraordinary ability in education, the arts, sciences, business, athletics, research, and other outstanding abilities
  • Second Preference, EB-2, which is granted to foreign nationals who have either an advanced degree or an exceptional ability to perform in their particular field of work
  • Third Preference, EB-3, which is granted to all other workers, including skilled workers and other professionals

It is important to be aware that applicants in all three preference categories have certain requirements that must be met if they wish to be considered for employment-based permanent resident status. All categories will require individuals to provide evidence that they belong in the category and should be considered for a Green Card. One example of this is that those with extraordinary ability must provide evidence of an achievement such as a Pulitzer Prize, an Oscar, an Olympic medal, or meet 3 of the 10 criteria listed by the USCIS.

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