A bill that was recently introduced, known as The Secure and Succeed Act, is comprised of four pillars that may bring major changes to many aspects of United States immigration law as we know it today. These “pillars” are outlined as follows:

  1. The first pillar aims to “secure the border” by stopping cartels and illegal drugs such as fentanyl from coming into the United States unlawfully. Other provisions of the first pillar include:
    • Promptly removing individuals who illegally stay longer in the United States on expired visas
    • Ends “catch and release”
    • Permanently authorizes the E-verify system, which is used to verify employment status
  2. Pillar #2 aims to “end chain migration,” limiting family immigration only to spouses and minor children
  3. Pillar #3 aims to cancel the visa lottery in an effort to crack down on fraud and threats to national security that are randomly granted visas each year
  4. Pillar #4 aims to “find a permanent solution for DACA,” by providing a 10-12 year path to citizenship and requires employment, education, and good moral character in order to be considered eligible

It is important to note that this bill was just introduced last week, so nothing is official yet. If major changes are made to U.S. immigration law, our firm will continue to be informed about the changes in an effort to best assist our clients. If you have questions about immigration law matters, contact our firm today.

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