Senators Introduce SUCCEED Act

The SUCCEED Act was recently introduced by Senators Thom Tillis and James Lankford earlier this week.  Should the SUCCEED Act receive the adequate support, it may be the replacement of the DREAM Act.  The bill, which is described as fair and merit-based, seeks to be a solution to the legal uncertainty that undocumented children face.  SUCCEED seeks to provide undocumented children with the opportunity in the United States.  In order to keep legal status in the country, they must meet specific and arguable stringent requirements.  Some of these requirements include an extensive background checks and the following of a merit-based track to ensure that they are productive members of the community.

What Does SUCCEED Stand For?

SUCCEED stands for Solution for Undocumented Children through Careers Employment Education and Defending our nation.

The SUCCEED Act’s Four Core Principles

There are four core principles to the SUCCEED Act:

  1. To provide an opportunity for minor children who entered the United States, at no fault of their own, to remain in the country and participate in various opportunities for success.
  2. Although the Act seeks to afford opportunities, it is not automatic.  The SUCCEED Act requires that once undocumented minor children enter adulthood, they are gainfully employed, earn a post-secondary education, or serve in the United States Military.
  3. The SUCCEED Act seeks to address the issue of overstays and curb illegal immigration.
  4. The SUCCEED Act is a solution for only undocumented children only.  Under this Act, they will not be able to sponsor family members to enter the Untied States.

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