Beneficiaries of DACA are unsure how dramatically the new decision on DACA could change their lives.  Besides just living and working in the United States, recipients of DACA also had things like health insurance, financial aid for schooling, and even professional credentials.

What Privileges or Necessities May DACA Recipients Lose?

The shutdown of the DACA program could severely disrupt the lives of thousands of families.  Many of the privileges and necessities they stand to lose include, but are not limited to:

  • Health Insurance;
  • Driving Privileges;
  • Working Privileges;
  • Loans;
  • Occupational Licenses; and/or
  • Certifications.

With the threat of losing the things listed above, families could lose the opportunity to provide for their families, support them, and keep them safe.  DACA allowed recipients to get loans or even own homes, knowing that they had some sense of security through DACA.  Without the opportunity to continue to work in this country, they may not be able to afford their mortgage, student loan payments, or health insurance premiums.

What Could DACA Recipients in New York Stand to Lose?

In the state of New York, DACA recipients may no longer be eligible for state-funded grants and student loans.  They may also lose their driving privileges.  The latter may have only a small impact on those with easy access to the subway, buses, and Metro, but can have devastating impacts for more rural areas in New York who do not have public transportation a stone throw’s away.

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