The majority of people going through an immigration interview at the USCIS initially spoke a language other than English. A language barrier can make an interview of this sort quite difficult. However, one way to make a USCIS interview run more smoothly is to bring in a language interpreter. It is important to note that not just anyone who can speak both English and the other language is permitted to act as a language interpreter. In fact, there are quite a few standards that an interpreter has to meet to be considered eligible.

In order to be considered an interpreter for the USCIS, you will need to prove that you are not only fluent in both English and the other language, but competent as well. You must be able to read, write, and speak fluently and competently in both of these languages. It is important to note that all interpreters must be above the age of 14. In addition, interpreters who are between the ages of 14 and 17 must be approved by a USCIS supervisor in order to perform this task. They will only be approved if the supervisor believes there is “good cause” for a minor to act as a supervisor. Some means of good cause can include a very rare dialect with few options for an interpreter, disability, a living in a remote area, and more.

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