Sometimes I’m asked, “What does it mean that my I-765 work permit was approved?” People are really excited when they get that work permit and I understand that it gives you the opportunity to work. It’s really important to keep in mind that doesn’t mean that your case is going to be approved. The work permit that’s approved on the I-765 form is just an interim benefit. It doesn’t mean your case is going to be approved at all. It doesn’t even mean that immigration has even looked at your application. Please keep that in mind when you get an approval. I’m happy for my clients when they get the I-765. I think it gives you a lot of benefits, obviously. Remember it’s only good for one year and that’s because immigration presumes that within the next year your Green Card case will be resolved and hopefully approved as well. Don’t think that your lawyer is a rock star because you got an I-765 approved, its part of the process. Most people are always entitled to it as long as the underlying application is a decent and correct application. If you have questions about what it means, that you have an I-765 approved, or you have questions about your green card application, please contact my office and I’d be happy to discuss your situation with you.

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