Once the application is filed, you’re going to get a receipt within about two weeks that they have your application. Ninety days after the receipt and the application, you should receive both a work authorization and a travel permit. It looks somewhat like a credit card. You cannot legally work prior to getting this work authorization and obviously you cannot travel until you get that travel permit. Once you get that work authorization, in 90 days, you can work in the United States. If you’ve worked illegally in the United States prior to filing for adjustment of status and you’ve been here for quite some time and worked illegally, that won’t affect your eligibility for a green card. However, you are not working lawfully. It’s important though, when you file your application, not to lie on the application and say you weren’t working when you were. It’s not going to affect your eligibility for the green card if you have been working unlawfully. If you are interested in having a work authorization, yes, you will get it, but it won’t come for 90 days and unfortunately, there’s very little way to expedite that work authorization. If you have questions about the length of time it takes to get the green card and the length of time it will take for you to get a work authorization, or the whole process in general for adjustment of status, I’d be happy to discuss it with you and help you through your case.

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