Often I’m asked whether or not I can travel after I file my I-751. The answer is yes. You are still a lawful permanent resident even after your green card is expired and while your 751 is pending.

I’m often  asked, “Cheryl, can I travel after my I-751 is filed?” “What status am I in after I file my I-751?” You are still a green card holder and eligible to travel and eligible to work. Once you file your 751 petition, you’re going to get a receipt back from immigration stating that your green card has been extended for one year. If you would like to travel, you’re free to travel using that document. I normally suggest also getting a stamp and your passport by making an appointment with immigration to get evidence of it and your passport. The letter itself is fine and you’re eligible to travel up until you get your permanent green card. Even in the worst case scenario, if your case got denied and you were referred to an immigration judge, you are still eligible to travel while that case is pending. You’re still a green card holder until an immigration judge says you’re not. Feel free to travel while your petition is pending without any fear. If you have questions about what to do after your 751 is filed, please contact my office and we’d be really happy to discuss your situation with you.

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