Often I’m asked, “If I have a green card, can I sponsor my parents?” Unfortunately, the answer is no. You can only apply for your parents once you become a United States citizen. If you have a green card, you can only file for your spouse or children. If you have questions as to whether or not you can file or how to file for your children and your spouse as a green card holder and at what point you can apply for a green card for your parents, please contact my office and I’d be happy to discuss your situation with you.

How Can I Sponsor My Spouse, Children, or Parents for a Green Card?

If you’re a United States citizen and you want to sponsor your spouse, parent, or child for a green card, the only way to do that if they’re in the United States depends on whether or not they entered the United States legally. You are an immediate relative if you’re sponsoring your parent, or your spouse, or your child, and they’re eligible to change status if they’ve entered the United States legally, even if they’ve stayed here illegally for numerous years.

They would file for an I-130 petition, which is the family-based petition in addition to an I-45, the application for adjustment of status along with a ton of supporting documentation and financial evidence that the petitioner, you, has the means to support your family over the poverty level. The application itself is not extremely difficult, but it’s helpful to do it with a lawyer because it can be tedious and mistakes can delay your process. To find out whether or not you qualify to sponsor your parent, spouse, or child, please contact my office and I’d be happy to discuss your situation with you.

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