What documents are required at the adjustment of status interview?

  • They are going to want to see your original marriage certificate.
  • If the case is based on marriage, they are going to want to see the original birth certificate of the beneficiary.
  •  If you are filing for a Green Card based on marriage and your spouse is a United States citizen, original proof of citizenship is required.
  •  If either was married before and the marriage ended in divorce or death, an original death certificate or divorce decree will be necessary.
  •  If you are married, they will want to see evidence of a valid marriage through financial documents and picture evidence.
  •  They are going to want to see all of your original identity documents including a picture ID, including a passport, valid or not.
  •  If you have entered the United States legally with a visa and that is how you are demonstrating eligibility for the adjustment of status, make sure to bring your original I-94 card with your passport.