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Many workers and employers find a mutual interest in changing the status of a foreign national employee from nonimmigrant to lawful permanent resident (green card) which allows the employee to live in the United States indefinitely, with or without eventual naturalization.

PERM Labor Certification Process Can Help You Achieve Immigrant Status

Most people in the U.S. on work visas arrive without any expectation of eventually obtaining permanent residence here. However, after a few years of successful life and work in the U.S., many foreign nationals decide they would like to stay permanently and/or their employers become interested in sponsoring them for permanent status in order not to lose them.

The PERM labor certification process is the first step in the ultimate goal of permanent residence/”green card”. The PERM procedures are complex, but essentially require a showing to the United States Department of Labor that the employer is offering a permanent job at prevailing wage, and there is not a U.S. citizen worker qualified for the position.

Once certified by the Department of Labor, the employer must then petition the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services on behalf of the qualified worker. The employer must demonstrate the ability to pay the employee’s salary, and that the employee is qualified for the position. You must still be eligible to adjust status in the United States or return home. The knowledgeable immigration attorneys at our firm can help you navigate this process and assist your employer. Once you are a lawful permanent resident, the next natural step would be to apply for U.S. citizenship if that is your ultimate desired goal.

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An experienced immigration lawyer can help holders of nonimmigrant work visas, find the quickest available path to a green card through the PERM certification process or alternative approaches to adjustment of status or immigrant visa processing. For additional information, contact the Law Office of Cheryl R. David in New York City.