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Whether or not you’re interested in lawful permanent residence and eventual United States citizenship, most foreign nationals who enter the country for employment do so on nonimmigrant visas.

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We Help People With Nonimmigrant Visa Applications in New York

Different visa categories with different eligibility criteria apply to various kinds of jobs, workers and reasons for entering the U.S. New York immigration lawyer Cheryl David can explain the rules that apply to each of the different nonimmigrant employment visas, and can help you understand the process for the particular visa that fits your circumstance. The more common nonimmigrant employment visas include:

Visas for people with bachelor’s or advanced degrees who will be working in a specialty occupation, including:

  • H-1B visas for professional employees
  • H-2 visas for nonimmigrant unskilled workers in temporary or seasonal work
  • B-1 visas allowing short-term entry for meetings, conferences, seminars or other events
  • TN visas for Mexican or Canadian professionals with sponsors in the U.S. at the time of application
  • L-1 visas for executives and managers transferring from other countries to United States’ subsidiaries or regional offices of the employer corporation
  • F – M Student visas
  • – Visas
  • P – Visa
  • R – Religious workers

Each of these nonimmigrant visas is issued for a limited period, which in most cases can be extended one or more times. After the last extension, however, the nonimmigrant worker must return to the home country. An important exception here is the L-1 visa, which can support an application for permanent residence without the need for PERM certification.

For most nonimmigrant workers, who would like to obtain permanent residence in the United States, the PERM labor certification process may be necessary to avoid the need to return home after the last visa extension. This complex and often lengthy process is initiated by the employer, and the objective essentially is to convert the status of the foreign national worker from nonimmigrant to lawful permanent resident — in other words, a green card holder. As this procedure can take a long time, it is important to discuss this possible option early on in your stay in the U.S.

Experienced, Proactive Representation

Our experienced immigration lawyers can help make sure that you apply for the right visa, that it’s properly documented, and that any complications or problems are promptly addressed. Our firm can also help you deal with any visa problems that arise after you’re in the U.S. Difficulties ranging from mistakes in the application timing, to trouble with criminal charges can endanger your ability to live and work in the U.S.

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